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Gymboland is a company which specializes in family entertainment and amusement activities.

We, the management and staff of Gymboland believe in top quality, safety and attractive products folded especially on the requirements and needs of beneficiaries and clients.

Gymboland staff have a deep knowledge and large experience in the design and functions of various attractions for children and teenagers.

Our managers are heavily trained and experienced in providing to the client the best services and to the company highest prestige.



Customers and visitors will not hesitate to visit shopping centers with their children, knowing that there can be found attractive areas for their children – giving them time to shop while their children receive safe and high quality time in our playgrounds.

We have also established partnerships and collaborations with neighboring stores to provide better service and increase the number and quality of the experience offered to customers.

The materials and equipment used in Gymboland playgrounds are of the highest quality and fulfill all the necessary standards.


Refuge of imagination became reality, Gymboland aims, in addition to developing an indoor environment to stimulate and to attract children to play, to meet all clients’ needs by the quality of the services offered and implemented innovative concepts. This project comes as a confirmation of a long period of experience, combining entertainment with the educational principle, by perfecting a favorable space to the development of cognitive and physical abilities of the children. They will be subjected to a dynamic and protected environment, the main aim being to facilitate their full potential in a thrilling and entertaining manner.

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