Playground Schedule

Monday-Thursday, Sunday 10:00 – 22:00
Friday, Saturday 10:00 – 23:00

 Playground fees

Monday-Friday: 35 lei
Saturday-Sunday: 40 lei
(and legal holidays)




Prices are for unlimited time throughout the day. You may get the child out of the playground and may come back whenever you want during the same day.

You must keep the bracelet offered at the entrance into the playground!

The ideal party in 3 easy steps!

The most beautiful birthday parties are only at Gymboland!

Because we know how important your child’s birthday is, Gymboland team helps you to surprise him/her with an unforgettable party!

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FREE for any party:

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Book your party now!


To enjoy every moment of the party together with the children, Gymboland has prepared the special area arranged for adults, a variety at Gymbo Cafe and a special menu.


Monday-Friday: 45 lei/copil

Saturday-Sunday: 55 lei/copil


The minimum reservation amount is 30% of the estimated value of the party. In case you want other activities, please feel free to tell us! We fulfill any desire!


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About Gymboland AFI Cotroceni

Refuge of imagination became reality, Gymboland aims, in addition to developing an indoor environment to stimulate and to attract children to play, to meet all clients’ needs by the quality of the services offered and implemented innovative concepts. This project comes as a confirmation of a long period of experience, combining entertainment with the educational principle, by perfecting a favorable space to the development of cognitive and physical abilities of the children. They will be subjected to a dynamic and protected environment, the main aim being to facilitate their full potential in a thrilling and entertaining manner.

Thus Circus was born, an imposing arena from desire to shape the childhood universe in a frame of a game, color and entertainment transposed into everyday life and the first of its kind in a shopping mall. It is an open-space area fenced properly and secured so that children can freely enjoy the space that removes any feeling of limitation and stimulates the appetite for exploration activities. And parents benefit themselves from multiple advantages in the special designated area where they enjoy various refreshments, socialize or, preferably, can go shopping, knowing that they leave the little ones in the best care and under close supervision.   

Additionally, children will have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday in the especially dedicated area though interactive performances prepared with all care, representing a reliable support for parents.  

Through the implemented concept, children of all ages will enjoy the created environment, even those up to 3 years of age, enjoying a special playground area and the activities offered are extremely varied – from the modular structure on levels that abounds in attractions to diversified carousels, special areas of creativeness, interactive equipment.  

The gorgeous carnival sprinkled with innovations includes the latest features in terms of inventiveness elements and entertainment! This is how the “Octopus” type table with kinetic sand is shown which contributes to developing creativity and fine motor skills of the children. And the surprise that transforms the game into a genuine experience is the miniaturization of a Circus in the true sense of the word, a perpetually carnival which provides children with vast methods to stimulate both their imagination and improvement of balance and coordination skills, providing all the necessary tools for development.   

Therefore Gymboland represents more than a playground, a realm as detached from the best stories without an end, where fun and knowledge reign in harmony and parents and children alike, attracted by the childhood’s charm faithfully reconstructed, will remain with priceless memories and will return every time with the same emotion and joy.

Playground contact details

Bld Vasile Milea 4, București

+40758.077.117; +40755 111 064

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