Member Card Regulation

Gymboland membership card – Official Rules

                    Membership is certified by Gymboland member card; it is not a credit card, but a card identifying loyal customers based on which owners receive a set of benefits to purchasing products and services in Gymboland playgrounds.

 Benefits of Gymboland membership card

*10% discount for every entrance!

Gymboland repays the clients fidelity through a variety of offers throughout the year!

The owner of a  Gymboland member card benefits of a discount of 10 % at every entrance in the playground.

*10% discount on events that customers choose to organize at Gymboland!

Loyal customers are invited to the closed circuit sales promotion, where they can benefit from preferential prices. In addition, you will be able to receive advance information about the offering plan and promotional plan offered by Gymboland.

5+1 – at every 5 paid entrances the 6th one is free.

You do not have to wait in line. Membership cardholders have priority.


Becoming a member of Gymboland fidelity club

Any person who visits the Gymboland playgrounds can become a member from the first visit.

The registration form must be completely filled with real data and legibly and given to Gymboland points of sale. A form containing unsigned or incomplete data is not valid, which entails inability to benefit from the advantages offered by this program. The member card will be received at the desired Gymboland playground. Once in possession, the card becomes active and can be used immediately.

 The cardholder will be required to notify without delay any change in personal information and also announce the loss, theft or damage to the member card.

The member card is not transferable. Each customer can receive only one member card.

It is mandatory to present the card at every entrance or purchase to have the benefits.


How it works ?

                    Performance area of the loyalty program is represented by Gymboland points of sale throughout Romania, which can be extended to future partners.    

Loyalty program has undetermined period.                   

The 10% discount for any entry you may have made during the validity period of the card is applicable given the following considerations:  if the entry is part of a promotion or a campaign of discounts will consider only the most significant discount (comparing the card discount and the discount promotion).                   

Discounts and benefits will only be granted by presenting the card.                   

The first membership card is free. If replacing it following the loss, issuing a new card will be charged with 10 lei.                     

Gymboland reserves the right to discontinue at any time the development of the program, notice about it being displayed at all points of sale Gymboland at least 15 days before. 

According to the law 677/2001, your personal data will be processed only in order the necessary analyzes Gymboland. They will not be alienated to other databases; mentioned law can be changed or may object to the personal data.



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