Back to School

Day 11:00-13:00 14:00-16:00 17:00-19:00
1 Playing with numbers- interactive game My school accesories – fimo accesories Cards from holiday – creative workshop
2 Autumn leafs – paper leafs &painting Letters & words – coloring &interactive Autumn fruits – learning &coloring
3 Gifts for school – creative workshop Bag with crops – creative workshop Paper flowers – creative workshop
4 My school bag accesory -FIMO workshop Painting with fingers My class room – painting workshop
5 My autumn wishes – painting workshop Back to school – painting workshop Personalized pencil – creative workshop
6 Paper kite – creative workshop Dools from paper and pencil craft -cretive workshop Leaves crafts- creative workshop
7 Autumn view – painting workshop First day of school – creative&painting workshop Origami lesson
8 Karaoke Time My family time memories – painting workshop Teacher and the class- creative workshop
9 Windmill from paper – creative workshop Dance contest&musical chairs– fun workshop Covers for book – cretive workshop
10 Complete de mistery – coloring workshop Basket with autumn goods –creative workshop Cereals crafts – creative workshop
11 Memories from summer – painting workshop Playing with dought – creative workshop My teacher portrait – painting workshop