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Magical and happy land, glad to have found you!

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Gymboland is more than a space, it's a story in itself, where children are princes and princesses, consummate adventurers, brave heroes, or whatever their limitless imagination can conjure up.

Surprises at every step, good mood and color, fun as much as possible. All this blends harmoniously with attention to detail, a team always ready to maintain the magic and an environment made to meet the wishes of the little ones.


Where everyone is welcome and the children are happy!

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Un loc de joacă pentru toți

Whether it's cold or sunny, Gymboland awaits you with its doors wide open, ready to reveal to you a world of childhood fantasies come true. Special moments bring the fascination and excitement of the game and challenge the creativity of the little participants every time. The development of the little ones is a main ingredient in the recipe of the Gymboland experience, which will be added in abundance every time.

Step with an open mind into a world inspired by the fantastic imagination of childhood, where smiles are always present, wishes are always granted and all children are happy.

Gymboland program

Time schedule

Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00
Legal Holidays: the same program