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Pogo's pack

In the following locations in Bucharest: Mega Mall and Promenada Mall, we offer a discount of 10% on the Pogo Package, for children who celebrate their birthday with us!
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Unforgettable adventures?

Have fun guaranteed!

Are you looking for the ideal place to enrich your child's creativity, unleash his imagination and express his joy? Pogonics are waiting for you at Gymboland! Where fantasy intertwines with goodwill, where smiles are indispensable, where parents are calm and children are happy!

You're welcome!

Each Gymboland adventure is a unique story, with the little ones as main characters. All in one package that you can customize the way you want, so that you and your child's experience is exactly how you imagined it. Every party depends on the wishes and imagination of the celebrants, and the options to turn their dreams into reality are diverse and countless. Imagine, then, a world of colorful balloons, moving to the rhythm of happy music, with princes, princesses, heroes and magicians brought to life by our talented animators, complemented by the delicious taste of a personalized cake, prepared with care and love. All ready to accommodate the non-stop fun of the little partygoers, in an atmosphere that encourages learning through play and play, with loved ones and the cheerful hedgehog Pogonici. All you have to do is choose the package ingredients according to your wonderful and unique experience, and we will take care of the rest. Beautiful memories together are guaranteed and will be shared by everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. Everything to build an indescribable world, from the childhood dream.

Gymboland program

Time schedule

Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00
Legal Holidays: the same program